How To Build Wood Bench Frame

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How To Build Wood Bench Frame Dear Diy family. ... I need microphone signal splitter which I'm gonna to use on live shows. ... One is that you include it in the splitter box and incorporate it to the primary of the splitter as you would do on a micpre input. So the ...

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    1. 01-01-2017, 7:27 AM #1
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      Feb 2010
      Toledo, OH

      Horizontal Router Table

      Does anybody have/use a horizontal router table? If so what brand and what pros and cons have you discovered? Thanks...
      Andy Kertesz

      ""...... King Crimson ''m looking for pros and cons from somebody that actually has and uses one.
      Andy Kertesz

      ""...... King Crimson ''re still power hungry but they are long, rather than of large diameter. Of course, radially designed cutters are essentially useless on an HT. Their (HT) configuration lends itself to mechanization. Many are created just for morticing & tenoning. There are special safety precautions. Cutting under the cutter, e.g., may cause an unexpected self-feed.

      A router spindle in the z-axis is the standard routing config.
      A fence and perhaps carriages are essential. Edge work is far more amenable with the cutter sticking out of the table surface. The work is far less fixtured too. On my table, the the work is carried on sled/carriages. Books have been written about these differences. It could be time to go to the library.
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  • 01-01-2017, 3:51 PM 01-01-2017, 3:51 PM How To Build Wood Bench Framehow to How To Build Wood Bench Frame for #7
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    Dec 2010
    I use one of my own design:

    I''t remember the last time I used mine. For my occasional use, I am happy with my arrangement. I just took a piece of 3/4 melamine particle board, put a hole in it for the bit to come out. Put one of my fixed bases for a PC690 router on the board, and put hanger bolts on the back of my vertical router table to attach it. I also put a curved slot in the melamine. To use I attach a router motor and then attach the board to the router table. There is a notch in the table top for the bit. I have screw adjust for the height of the horizontal setup. I loosen the wing nuts to adjust height and then tighten them to fix the router for a cut. A little crude, perhaps, but effective.
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  • 01-01-2017, 8:12 PM 01-01-2017, 8:12 PM #10
    How To Build Wood Bench Framehow to How To Build Wood Bench Frame for Contributor
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    Sep 2006
    Shenandoah Valley in Virginia
    I have a router table made from a 3'' computer table top 2" thick.. since I only used about 1/2 of it, I made a horizontal router on one end of it..
    I then made an x/y table that operates the same as the multi router...
    For loose tenon joints it is great..
    It is very handy for making repetitive pieces with the x/y table, set the stops one time and do it over and over again..

    Do not use it that often, but it is very nice to have when I need it..

    Glad I built it...
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  • 01-02-2017, 3:09 AM 01-02-2017, 3:09 AM #11
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    Jan 2008
    1.5 hrs north of San Francisco, CA
    I have one from Woodhaven that is similar in appearance to John TenEyck''d have to increase the depth of cut after each pass. Holding parts on end is another thing that makes the conventional router table a no-go, especially with long parts. The horizontal router mortiser solves all those problems by it''s Online
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